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SMS Marketing Campaigns: Text Reply vs. Email Reply

Most SMS marketing campaigns let you reply to customers via text message. But you can also send them an email reply at the same time. So what’s the difference? Continue reading

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Mobile Payments: Google vs. Apple in New Mobile Marketing Tool

Google released the news yesterday that their new mobile marketing venture is to create a mobile payment system, possibly for release before Apple’s. Continue reading

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How Does Google Measure Advertising Response?

Or, how do the rest of us measure advertising response? Many marketers and advertisers can only guess when trying to measure advertising response. But of course, it’s not ideal to measure advertising response based on speculative figures. Continue reading

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4 Black-Belt SMS Marketing Tools

Good SMS marketing is a cutting-edge, creative way to connect with customers and boost ad return. Continue reading

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New McDonald’s Uses SMS Marketing to Promote and Recruit

McDonald’s promoted a new store using SMS marketing, got 12,000 customers per week- about 2800 more than the average! They also received 600 resumes via SMS. Continue reading

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US: 1/3 of Android, iPhone Apps Used Before Getting Out of Bed

A recent report by Ericsson claims that 35% of US Android and iPhone users interact with an app before even getting out of bed in the morning. Continue reading

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3 Mobile Marketing Lessons From Group Buying Deals

Group buying deals are massive- take Spreets’s $40 million sale and Groupon’s app giveaway. What does this teach us about mobile marketing? Continue reading

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How to write a case study that will still be newsworthy in 3 years

Usually any story or case study can only be in the news for less than 10 days. So why are we still talking about Bragster’s guerrilla marketing case study from 2008? And how can we write our own case study to last just as long? Continue reading

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Google’s new ‘+1’ button allows ‘black hat’ advertising?

Don’t get me wrong, the ‘+1’ button isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But when everyone is seeing its positives, we need to ask whether it could also open up the Web to ‘black hat’ advertising. Continue reading

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The Loop wins an AIMIA: Young advertisers prove they can advertise themselves

The Loop’s recent AIMIA for ‘Best Enterprise’ means social networking is more important than traditional jobseeking methods, particularly for young advertisers. Continue reading

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