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How to write a case study that will still be newsworthy in 3 years

Usually any story or case study can only be in the news for less than 10 days. So why are we still talking about Bragster’s guerrilla marketing case study from 2008? And how can we write our own case study to last just as long? Continue reading

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Why you can’t ignore SMS marketing any longer

Email marketing isn’t as powerful as it used to be if most teenagers prefer to communicate with instant messaging, SMS and social networks. But SMS marketing could be a viable alternative to email. Continue reading

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Common SMS Marketing Mistakes – Part 1

Before rushing headlong into SMS marketing, it is useful to find out what some of its common mistakes are. So what should we avoid in SMS marketing? Continue reading

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Google’s new ‘+1’ button allows ‘black hat’ advertising?

Don’t get me wrong, the ‘+1’ button isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But when everyone is seeing its positives, we need to ask whether it could also open up the Web to ‘black hat’ advertising. Continue reading

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The Loop wins an AIMIA: Young advertisers prove they can advertise themselves

The Loop’s recent AIMIA for ‘Best Enterprise’ means social networking is more important than traditional jobseeking methods, particularly for young advertisers. Continue reading

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