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Google’s new ‘+1’ button allows ‘black hat’ advertising?

Don’t get me wrong, the ‘+1’ button isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But when everyone is seeing its positives, we need to ask whether it could also open up the Web to ‘black hat’ advertising. Continue reading

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Facebook Pages for Dummies (and why you need to update yours now)

Facebook Pages are different than profiles. You have a profile for you, Jane Doe, but your business can’t have a profile — it can have a Page. A Page is a place to house all the pertinent information about your company. You can include: a company overview, contact info, press releases, videos, blog RSS and company news and status. The most important thing? Customer interaction. Continue reading

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SMS mobile marketing: connecting traditional and social media

Mobile marketing is a unique form of advertising, offering distinct advantages which no other forms of media can achieve. One of these is the unparalleled ability within the world of advertising to bridge the gap between traditional and social media. Continue reading

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