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How Does Google Measure Advertising Response?

Or, how do the rest of us measure advertising response? Many marketers and advertisers can only guess when trying to measure advertising response. But of course, it’s not ideal to measure advertising response based on speculative figures. Continue reading

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4 Black-Belt SMS Marketing Tools

Good SMS marketing is a cutting-edge, creative way to connect with customers and boost ad return. Continue reading

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New McDonald’s Uses SMS Marketing to Promote and Recruit

McDonald’s promoted a new store using SMS marketing, got 12,000 customers per week- about 2800 more than the average! They also received 600 resumes via SMS. Continue reading

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3 Mobile Marketing Lessons From Group Buying Deals

Group buying deals are massive- take Spreets’s $40 million sale and Groupon’s app giveaway. What does this teach us about mobile marketing? Continue reading

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Mobile Coupons on Direct Mail Offering

Taken from Mobile Marketer, 27 July 2010: http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/messaging/6905.html

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Dan Butcher (Mobile Marketer): 7 key trends mobile marketers need to know

NEW YORK – An eMarketer analyst revealed seven key trends that mobile marketers need to know during a keynote address at the digiday: Mobile conference.
Noah Elkin, senior analyst at eMarketer, New York, offered up the following list of trends shaping the mobile marketing space: Continue reading

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Everything you wanted to know about MOBILE COUPONS (but didn’t know you should ask)

What are mobile coupons? Why do they walk all over the 2% redemption rate of print coupons? How can they help your organisation? Continue reading

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