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Is Mobile a Medium or Merely a Strategy?

Mobile: one of today’s most successful marketing tools. However, as one of the world’s leading advertising markets, there is some ambiguity when it comes to defining it. Is mobile a medium, or is it merely a strategy? Continue reading

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SMS Marketing Campaigns: Text Reply vs. Email Reply

Most SMS marketing campaigns let you reply to customers via text message. But you can also send them an email reply at the same time. So what’s the difference? Continue reading

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Mobile Payments: Google vs. Apple in New Mobile Marketing Tool

Google released the news yesterday that their new mobile marketing venture is to create a mobile payment system, possibly for release before Apple’s. Continue reading

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US: 1/3 of Android, iPhone Apps Used Before Getting Out of Bed

A recent report by Ericsson claims that 35% of US Android and iPhone users interact with an app before even getting out of bed in the morning. Continue reading

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Keeping Customer Attention: Why Mobile Marketing is Best

Getting your brand in front of your consumers needs to allow for how they view information in the marketplace. Mobile marketing is fast becoming King, as businesses need to find ways to connect with customers. Continue reading

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