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Why you can’t ignore SMS marketing any longer

Email marketing isn’t as powerful as it used to be if most teenagers prefer to communicate with instant messaging, SMS and social networks. But SMS marketing could be a viable alternative to email. Continue reading

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Common SMS Marketing Mistakes – Part 1

Before rushing headlong into SMS marketing, it is useful to find out what some of its common mistakes are. So what should we avoid in SMS marketing? Continue reading

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SMS Mobile Marketing Opt-ins are Everywhere

Recently, I read a business-to-business blog about opting-in customers from everywhere, and that a great tool to capitalize on this is via mobile marketing / text marketing. Marketers know that their potential clients have mobile phones, so the most logical … Continue reading

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David Berkowitz from AdAge: Your Mobile Marketing Plan in Four Easy Steps

For most marketers, planning a mobile program is a relatively new exercise. Even for marketers with years of experience with mobile, questions will arise: which channels, tactics and vendors to use? Marketers can build a mobile plan by answering four questions that lead to figuring out how to make the most out of mobile. Continue reading

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Everything you wanted to know about MOBILE COUPONS (but didn’t know you should ask)

What are mobile coupons? Why do they walk all over the 2% redemption rate of print coupons? How can they help your organisation? Continue reading

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SMS mobile marketing: connecting traditional and social media

Mobile marketing is a unique form of advertising, offering distinct advantages which no other forms of media can achieve. One of these is the unparalleled ability within the world of advertising to bridge the gap between traditional and social media. Continue reading

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