TXT2GET Privacy Policy

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  1. TXT2GET endeavours to safeguard your privacy.

  2. Your information will only be shared with the brands/organisations you have requested information from.

  3. We will not send unsolicited text messages to you which includes no bulk SMS without your consent.

  4. Using TXT2GET's services will not authorise us or our User to send any unsolicited marketing communications to you. A TXT2GET User, from whom Texters have request information, is required to ask your permission before delivering any unsolicited communications to you. TXT2GET users are requested to comply with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 and the Privacy Act 1993 in relation to any personal information we pass on to them.

  5. Please find details of the information we keep below: Information collected as part of TXT2GET's Services is collected by TXT2GET Limited, a marketing services company based in Auckland, New Zealand. (P O Box 8429, Symonds St) We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully.

  6. We collect information about you to:
    1. process your request; and
    2. to register you for the service, to enable you to request the information you want more easily in the future.

  7. The type of information we will collect about you includes:
    1. your name (directly from you only)
    2. address (from publicly available sources, or you)
    3. mobile phone number (direct from you only)
    4. email address (directly from you only)
    5. details of information requests you have made from TXT2GET in the past

  8. We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent.

  9. We will pass on the information we collect about you to our clients to enable them to process and respond to your request.

  10. We will also keep your personal information on our database to enable you to send requests more easily in the future. We will only use your personal information to process such requests and will not send you any unrelated communications in the future unless you have given us your prior consent.

  11. Your information will be protected against loss, unauthorised access, misuse and modification.

  12. Please contact TXT2GET (Privacy Officer: M Verry) to verify any information we may have on you is accurate.

Note on TXT2GET's Privacy Policy

TXT2GET has developed its Privacy Policy to be consistent with the guidelines provided by the Privacy Commissioner and the Privacy Act. The Policy is available to all users and texters on the TXT2GET site. The practice of coupling people's email addresses to their mobile numbers and automatically sending them the email when they interact with TXT2GET a second time is designed to enhance the user experience. It also greatly increases the results for business users, as texters do not have to provide their email address every time they want to interact with a TXT2GET keyword that triggers an "email" response campaign.

TXT2GET also passes on texter's mobile/email details to the businesses with whom the texter interacts in a similar way to which ISPs act as intermediaries to such communications between consumers and businesses.

At this stage, the convenience to texters and businesses of these policies has outweighed any privacy concerns, and as yet there have been no objections raised.

Once texter details are passed to the business that ran the campaign, it is up to that business to ensure it complies with the anti-Spam legislation when re-contacting those people.